Carnaval Noir


February 16   6 PM – 1 AM

At a Secret Location

"Worth the price of admission just to see the costumes."`
Return attendee
to Harvest Noir
"Like stepping into Alice in Wonderland."
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to Harvest Noir

Dance, FEAST, & REVEL IN the grand carnaval traditions of Venice, RIO, & New Orleans

The makers of Harvest Noir  (voted Ottawa’s sexiest party) invite you to awaken from your winter slumber with an inaugural Carnaval party on February 16th, 2019 supporting charitable cause Wheels4Refugees

We’ve got two rooms of music playing dusk till well after midnight, superb DJs and VJs, an oyster bar with bubbly, diverse winter sprites, karaoke, desserts galore, mulled wine on arrival – and you lovely lot, dressed to the nines in your most elegant, renegade masquerade attire.

February 16 marks the end of Winterlude. Let us send it out with a bang.

You’ll want to bring your friends – all of them. Carnaval Noir is specially designed for guests to host an extravagant, daring mini-party of their friends (or family) within the larger party for a magical evening of laughter, entertainment, dining, and dancing. The easiest way to convene a group of friends to attend Carnaval Noir is to become a Group Captain, or invite a friend to become one.

Group Captains receive a 25% off discount code for their friends.

The Secret Location Revealed:

We will be celebrating the end of winter tonight at the historic Bridge Public House in the Rideau Sports Centre at ONE DONALD ST, OTTAWA. Founded in 1912, this exclusive tennis club is now open to the public.


With Gratitude to our Supporters:
Rideau Sports Centre – https://www.rideausportscentre.com/ 
The Manotick Medieval Festival – https://www.manotickmedieval.com/ 
The Shieldmaidens from Warriors of the Light – https://www.warriorsofthelight.ca/ 
Pelican Seafood Market and Grill – https://www.pelicanseafood.ca/ 
Ottawa Festival Network – http://www.ottawafestivals.ca 


Closing out winterlude with style

With DJs throwing down a crowd-pleasing mix of Top 40, house, dance music, hip hop, reggae, oldies, and classic rock, there is something for everyone at the Carnaval Noir dance party. Expect to stay up late and have an astonishing time with guests dressed in dark masquerade elegance. Combining hoppin’ dance music, elegant dresscode and daring costumes, and the indulgent sweetfair, this is a night you won’t want to miss.

Flamboyant drag queen China Doll, who always has the best accessories at Harvest Noir, will be hosting Karaoke in the onsite restaurant.


oysters n bubbly titled

We are pleased to offer an extraordinary culinary experience for attendees. While absorbing the view of the dancefloor, enjoy  a glass of bubbles with an oyster platter at our elite Oyster Bar by Pelican Seafood. Not included in ticket price.



Dine at the SECRET RESTAURANT onsite, with karaoke hijinx hosted by the glamorous and irrepressible China Doll. Join us for fine wine and food, mixed drinks, and a DIY jukebox of smash hits. Meals not included in ticket price.

China Doll, host of the Karaoke dining experience.


Leave your diet at home: Carnaval Noir is all about indulging, New Orleans-style, in rich and delicious sweets at the GOURMET SWEETFAIR.

Up-market cheesecakes

Extraordinary petite cheesecakes from Eden Cheesecake Co.

Delicate Shortbreads

Freshly baked shortbread by Maggie's Shortbreads

Warm Fried Churros

Fresh Mexican-style fried dough

Goodbye Winter Blues

One night a year, winter SPRITES walk among us. Here in their capital of snow and ice, we will banish them.


Your instructions are simple: Assume a clever disguise and mask your face, lest the trickster sprites recognize you and bring ill fortune on your household. Dress all in black, in defiance of winter’s endless white. At sundown, on a mid-February night, gather in groups with your most adventurous friends (for there is safety in numbers). Bring out your drums, horns, and noisemakers, and together drive the winter sprites from the streets, herding them to a secret place. 

There, we will dazzle them with rhythm, and intoxicate them with wine. Our dancing MUST NOT STOP, lest the sprites come to their senses and escape. Then, at the stroke of midnight, we will banish the bewildered winter sprites from the land in a glorious Celebration of Light…


...and ensure an end to the long winter.

The world-wide ritual of Carnaval has its roots in ancient European traditions that saw masked and boisterous townsfolk drive away winter in anticipation of spring, celebrating the renewal of fertility. Carnaval Noir is a light-hearted take on age-old festivities with the touch of chic elegance that Harvest Noir has become famous for.

dress code

Above the neck: Wear a mask. Any color is allowed. Below the neck: All in black. No color.

For many attendees, dressing for Carnaval Noir is simple – they just dress in their best, all in black, outfit, with a simple mask. No need to be daunted by the elaborate costumes you see in our photo shoots – many of our guests show up in a black dress or black dress shirt with slacks and fit right in. 

But if you want to really express yourself, Carnaval Noir is your chance to make a fashion statement – and then some.

Steampunk Zorro

by Harvest Noir

Carnaval Noir is brought to you by the makers of Harvest Noir. Since 2011, this chic pop-up picnic and acclaimed dance party has enchanted thousands of adventurous attendees. While Carnaval Noir is not a picnic, it IS inspired by the extraordinary costumes of guests at Harvest Noir, and by the participatory tradition of having the “audience” co-create the event.

Harvest Noir was voted Ottawa’s Sexiest Party by readers of Ottawa Xpress Magazine.

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